Seattle Film Summit

So I’m involved in this thing, the Seattle Film Summit. It’s a conference designed to help indies become better filmmakers, and better business people. Now, let’s get something straight, I’m not about to turn in my douche card just because I’m doing something helpful. On the contrary, the Seattle Film Summit exists for the same reason the Douche exists: you suck.

You want to be a hobbyist, be a hobbyist, I’m not going to fault you for that. But if you want to be involved in the actual business of film you need to pull your shit together. So leave your delusions of grandeur and your rose colored glasses at home and get your ass to the SFS. You’re not going to find a better qualified group of panelists to answer questions about the business of film in Washington state. I’m serious, go look at the panelists page.

Everyone wants to know the same thing, “How do I get people to give me money so I can pursue my dreams?”  I think the better question is, “How do I stop being a delusional fuck?” Nobody cares about your dreams, they care whether they like your product, or whether they can make money off of it. And everything is changing so rapidly, that what is cutting edge as I write this may be out of date by the time you read this.

Go to the summit. Ask the right questions, like: What are existing business models that work? What will future business models look like? How can we create work for people in Washington? Listen to the answers. Then put those big girl panties on and get to work.

Seattle Film Summit. Sept 29th at the Northwest Film Forum.

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