Dear Douchebag–Head Shot

Dear Douchebag,

I interviewed with a talent agent, and not only do they want me to get new head shots, but they also want me to pay a website fee to have my head shot up on their site. What should I do?


Head Shot


David S. Hogan responds:

Dear Head Shot,

1. How many talent agents did you interview with?

2. If this is your only offer, and you did interview with other agencies, what did the other agencies say about your current shots? We need more data. How old are the shots? Were they professionally done?

3. Does the agent in question want to steer you to an “in-house” photographer, or are you able to pick a (qualified) photographer yourself? I think you know what I am going to say: If this agent is steering you to a particular photographer, there might be something fishy going on. Especially if your current shots are recently done and relatively decent.

4. How much is this fee? Is it a one time fee? If the signing is contingent on your paying a fee without having booked any work, I would encourage you to keep shopping for agents. Agents should not be charging any fees until AFTER a booking. Here is an article about scams by SAG-AFTRA: (http://www.sag.org/content/scams)

5. Here is a blog with more information on the topic: (http://www.sagactoronline.com/2009/10/agents-and-good-practice.html)



Logistikunt responds:

Dear Head Shot,

You poor thing! Are you really this stupid? I have a bridge I would like to sell you.


  1. Logistikunt-This is pretty standard. All agents want up to date head shots that are in the guidelines of a professional head shot, and they all now have data bases online for clients to peruse and see all of your information. The three major casting directors in town also want your information online, too, and get frustrated when your info isn’t readily available. I assume it was the “Casting Networks” site that they asked you to sign up for? It’s super affordable and invaluable investment.

    The only thing I’d be weary of is if the agent MADE you take head shots through their agency, and then charged you an extra fee outside of the photographer’s price and printing. I haven’t heard of this happening too much lately, though.

    What I did with Topo was tell them in my audition that I am aware I need more professional head shots, and that I’ll pay for new ones with the first gig I book through them. And I immediately signed up when they asked me to for the Casting Networks site. My previous agent was very frustrated that I never signed up for this, and I was in a state of delusion thinking that there is no reason I should be paying for my info to be put onto a website that is available through my agent. Everything is electronic nowadays. All agents will ask you to be on some form of online site, as well as casting agents. I think you’re totally good to go, Head Shots! If you like them, try it out, and get some new shots and spend the $10 for the website. Woo!

  2. Logistikunt- Where’s the bridge? I’m interested!! I need something I can throw you off of. :)

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