Reddit–The Quickest Way To Get Noticed

If you are not familiar with Reddit you should be. It is one of the most useful tools for getting your content out there. Whereas I may get five hundred people view one of my blog posts by marketing through facebook and twitter, I can just as easily get a thousand visitors by posting an article in the film making community on Reddit. One post.

But there’s a problem. There’s always a problem. If the moderator of a community does not like your posts, or you, they can bury your contributions. The solution of course is to make your own Reddit, which I have just done. It’s a Reddit just for us, indie film makers.

You can post your latest short, pimp out your crowdfunding site for your webseries, ask your fellow film makers for advice. You name it. If it ain’t spam it plays.

Join me, won’t you? (I’m the only one on there so far!)



  1. Aw, man! But I’m already on r/indiecinema, r/shortfilm, r/webseries and r/filmmakers! OK, I’ll add this one too.

  2. Ha ha! Now there’s two of us on there! Let’s get in an argument and then I’ll bury your posts because you are promoting your work.

  3. Hmm, good tips! I just tossed How To Get Laid up in the /shortfilm forum.

    Thanks for your thoughtful review. (I was a co-writer and the eponymous Wes)

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