All Things Hidden. A Film By A Person Who Can Write.

Anyone can write. Few people can write well. Persephone Vandegrift is a friend of mine and person who can write well. And when I say she is a good writer I mean it the same way as when I say, “That guy is a good plumber, or electrician, or architect.” Sorry, I’m a construction dude. But what I mean is, enough of this artsy fartsy, congratulating each other on our respective brilliance blow job nonsense. At some point you actually have to make something. Sephy, as she is known to myself, is  a person who is capable of producing a solid, viable product. All things hidden is an example of that.

All Things Hidden is a short film about a woman who discovers that the ghosts of her past are the key to releasing her future. You’ll never look at butterflies the same way.

Be a dear and support her film?


  1. Oh Benjy – I love you. And when I say I love you, I mean it as a ****** says to a *****. Thank you for the shout out and the support. You’re a brilliant and beautiful douche!

  2. Good lord, woman! What did you censor out?!

  3. teeheehee heehee! (And no, that was not what I left out.)

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