Your indie film sucks. (Oops! Did I just say that out loud?)

I’m sorry.  I never meant to say that. But the five Jack and Cokes I had at your premier (and god knows what else on the way there) have lowered my inhibitions. It doesn’t mean I don’t love you, because I do. But man, it wasn’t great. It was like watching a student film, from a retarded college. There I go again!

Alright, let me see if I can salvage this.

There were some brilliant bits in there. It was a great idea. A couple of the performances were very convincing. But what it boils down to is this: It doesn’t feel like a finished product. Doesn’t look like one, either. It’s uneven. If I saw this on T.V. or in a theater I would ask myself, ’Why did they release this before it was done?’.

But I wouldn’t watch it in a theater or on T.V., even if it was a finished product. It’s not compelling. There is nothing here to draw me in or interest me. It’s a cool idea, for sure, but the dialog and acting is so bad in some places I’m totally pulled out of the world you’re trying to create. And I’ve seen this story done before, a million times. And done better.

But I support you, I totally do. I hope you get the money someday to finish it. Not that it would help, a shitty story is a shitty story. God! One more drink and I’m going to wind up somewhere without pants.

Oh, hey, you’re coming to my premier next week, right?

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